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Grange URC

Southcote, Reading

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Welcome to Grange URC, Reading

Our aims are:


  • to proclaim the Word of God in all its fullness,

  • to demonstrate the infinite love of our God for all His creation in all we are and do,

  • to bring the cares, hopes and aspirations of the world before our God in our worship.

Sunday Worship normally begins at 10.30am

Rev Robert Barthrum

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You might not believe it but even today there are people out there who find it hard to even feed them selves.

Please support this cause in anyway you can!

They exists to help people in West Reading by providing Advice, Information and Support on a wide variety of issues.


Advice, Information and Support


We are part of URC Group Reading with St Andrew's and Tilehurst United Reformed Churches

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“Working with parents to give children a happy, confident start to life”


The School is an independent, non-profit making organisation and has a longstanding reputation in the community for over 47 years.

The Grange Pre-School